Compagny Omphaloz began in 2011 from the meeting between two people who discover that they speak the same profound language, a language that starts from the heart and the spirit, a creative language that wants to express and give life to the unique reality enclosed in them and that has always pushed to exit. And so Monica Vignetti, actress, aerial acrobat, singer, and Guillaume Hotz, comedian, acrobat, clown, decide to come together to "paint a new picture", let their true creative nature speak and work with their common artistic identity. Since 2013, the Omphaloz Company has set in motion creating numbers and shows, continuing to study in order to refine their skills, participating in various national and international festivals and events:

"Fiabesque" festival, Tuscany. festival "teatroltre" Calabria. "Kinderfestival di Bolzano." Traveling cirkus " Milan.  "Festival Zona rural di Caparao"(Brazil)." Milan Clown festival ". "Biblofestival". "Castellaro Buskers". Alternative Hair Show. Kemon day. Cosmoprof. Hair and beauty show. Europa cup. Festival BareggiART.  "Festival d'art de rue Sion" (Swiss). "Scarecrow festival".  "Latemar".  "Venice Carnival" 2017 and 2018. "LongLake Family Festival" (Lugano Swiss).  Giffoni Film Festival (Italy).  "Almada Festival International" (Lisbon Portugal). "Festival Internacional De Teatro Comico Da Maia" (Porto Portugal).  "Fasti Verolani" (Italy).  "Bastid'Art" (France). "Estate Bambini" (Ferrara, Italy). "Circonferenze" (Milano Italy). "Tendenza Clown" (Milan CLAPS/Teatro Franco Parenti). "Senza Fili Festival" (Tuscany, Italy). "OITO24" (Espinho, Portugal)...











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Clown Cabaret

   is a theatre-circus and clown mime show. An imaginative
street cabaret where two characters in between clown and
silent-film acting perform acrobatic acts, juggling and
pantomime. The plot is their relationship, a couple
relationship: couple of art, couple of clowns, couple of hearts.
From the difficulties of understanding each other to the
complicity arising from harmony. From dominant to
dominated in an ongoing shift of the roles. From the
accidental slap to the stolen kiss.
Clown Cabaret is bursting
with life and emotion. “Giving” is the keyword for this show,
i.e. offering the public with the two clowns’ bareness and thus
putting poetry into motion.